"Johsica" Tassel Tapestry
"Johsica" Tassel Tapestry
"Johsica" Tassel Tapestry

"Johsica" Tassel Tapestry

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The "Johsica" tassel tapestry is ideal for empty spaces above a headboard, living room couch, or fireplace. Yarn was individually measured, cut, and tied to create each tassel. After, twine was tied to the driftwood to use for hanging. This piece is a striking and inspiring tapestry to add to any wall.


  • Yarn
  • Drfitwood
  • Wooden beads
  • Twine


Width: 28 in
Length: 29 in

**Custom orders are available upon request**

***Each wall hanging is made with unique driftwood found off the coast of FL. Therefore, every peice is one of a kind.***